Testimonials - Training

The testimonials below were received from clients who attended Training Events with Sam Skull.

Emma S

I found Sam's course very helpful. Whilst I was not sure of what it would entail before I started I was soon impressed by Sam's clear sense of structure and purpose to the course.

I believe everyone on our course found it helpful in ways specific to their needs. For me it was very helpful in improving my self confidence, based on specific areas of my life and also helping me clarify areas of my life I wish to work on and change. One tangible outcome of the course for me was the fact that I was promoted at work. I believe the awareness and confidence I gained on the course played a key role in achieving this.

Throughout I found Sam to be a very supportive and insightful teacher. I would recommend it to anyone!

Jo B

Sam is passionate and dynamic; she offers tools to take anybody to a new level of self confidence. She tells us that Life is what we make it and we can make it fantastic. She does not stop there, she gives us a helping hand or a Sam Skull push and shove in the right direction.

I found Sam's course very helpful. I thought I was a very positive person and was amazed during this journey of self discovery how negative I was about me. Just this awareness has transformed the way I feel about myself.

Alison M

I came into contact with Sam (in a very serendipitous fashion) through a neighbour of mine, and at the time was not even considering doing any kind of personal development workshop. However I found what Sam was doing interesting and after talking to her about her seminars and her way of thinking I realised that I would like to see what I could get out of following one of her courses.

I have been put off motivational workshops in the past because they seemed too "New Age" or "Happy Clappy" but Sam's course is grounded in sensible theories and I could see it was going to be effective from the very first session. After 6 weeks I feel that she has given me (and the rest of our group) a real shift in outlook and a valuable set of tools for improving many aspects of our busy lives. You need to be prepared to make the effort to change and to engage with the process, but it is well worth it. I am immensely glad that we made contact and am definitely becoming a much more positive person as a result.

Helen S

I have been very much inspired by Sam's motivational workshop. Of particular benefit has been the wide spectrum approach. We joined in a process of self-discovery reinforced by elements of psychological theory and then were provided with simple behavior modifying tools to enable us to make the changes we want within our lives. I am feeling more motivated and empowered since doing the course and am surprising myself with how much I am now managing to get done. I also really enjoyed meeting others on the course and found that I learnt alot from them too. It felt very much like a shared journey.

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