Testimonials - Executive Coaching

The testimonials below were received from clients who undertook Executive Coaching with Sam Skull.

Robert M, CEO, Leading National Charity

I engaged Sam Skull as an executive coach to support me whilst expanding my organisation by 500%. Not only was I growing the business but I was also shifting the emphasis of the organisation in order to facilitate the heightened responsibility, profile and scrutiny of our internal and external mechanisms. I am managing this in a very complex arena where there is great public and political interest in our activities.

During this time Sam's coaching and guidance has been very valuable indeed. Her sessions are well targeted and helped me further develop the ability to make and implement the right decisions in a balanced intelligent way whilst under pressure. Her work programme helps you to tap further into your potential whilst protecting that all important personal and family space.

Susan F, Deputy CEO, Leading National Charity

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have executive coaching with Sam Skull. This was at a time of considerable change in my professional life which was having an equally significant impact on my personal life. The weekly sessions with Sam taught me techniques to cope with every day stresses. Sam has an incredible intuition and, time and again, identified the real cause of my stress or worry and helped me to find solutions. I learned to connect with myself, meditate and be mindful, all of which I continue to practise. I found the sessions with Sam enormously beneficial in both professional and personal life and it has been a truly life changing experience.

James W, Regional Account Director, Leading pharmaceutical organisation

The key point for me is how Sam has helped with ‘the stuff we all have in our heads’. I have found Sam caring, thought provoking and challenging in a really supportive way. The outcome for me has been a much higher awareness of myself and how to manage the ‘stuff in my head’. I can recommend her service 100% and hope someone else can benefit.

Jo U, Sales & Marketing Director, Leading pharmaceutical organisation

The coaching I received from Sam has been incredibly valuable in helping me achieve a greater balance in my life between the demands of my job and my family life. The result is that I feel more at ease with myself, less stressed and better equipped to deal with what life throws at me, professionally and personally. Sam has a friendly, professional, flexible and persistent style which means she can challenge or counsel as the session requires. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a professional coach.

Steve K,National Sales Manager, Leading pharmaceutical organisation

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Sam and during this time I learnt a lot about myself that has helped me to enjoy both my professional and personal life.

Sam is an outstanding coach and one of the very best that I have worked with in my long career (30 years to date). That is a strong statement and one that I don’t make lightly, Sam has coached me to see my strengths and be proud of them as well as identify the areas that I waste energy on. This has led to me being more productive at both work and at home and to be a calmer and more confident person.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone and hope they achieve the same benefits that I have achieved.

Phil A, Director, Leading pharmaceutical organisation

I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal coaching sessions with Sam and have found them of great benefit both personally and from a work point of view. Like many people I am struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance. Sam has helped me to understand the importance of structuring my work day in such a way that I can get the most out of it and still have time to devote to my family, my church and my health. Through her excellent coaching technique, she has enabled me to work out for myself what my work and life priorities are. Putting it into practice to make it a habit is the key. I feel much more relaxed than I previously did and know that I am significantly contributing to the success of my organisation as well as providing for my family and enjoying spending time with them. Sam has a naturally friendly and supportive style which always leads to an open and honest coaching session. Thank you Sam.

Phil G, National Sales Manager, Leading pharmaceutical organisation

I feel very privileged to have been coached by Sam. Her work has greatly helped me to identify how I can improve my thinking and “mind management” in several areas of my life. As a result, I am more relaxed in an out of work and much more focussed and productive. Sam has been able to do this for a number of reasons. Firstly she has an innate ability to put the “coachee” at ease and search out the real answer within, no matter how deeply hidden. Secondly she allows time and encourages reflection in a way that we tend not to automatically do for ourselves. Thirdly, her positive attitude is infectious and encourages progress.

I have been able to identify a number of areas where I can manage myself better, have a greater impact on others and derive greater enjoyment from what I am doing. Most answers lie within but we often need help to find them. I have already recommended this coaching to friends and colleagues and would happily do so again.

Chris B

Since working with Sam, I feel I am much clearer about what is important in my life. I am able to separate my work from my home life. I have much greater focus on what is important to me and do not worry about things which are not important. I have found I am more productive at work, and at home. Because I have found a better way of working I enjoy work more and have more free time to enjoy my life. I have realised I don’t have to do it all and to let others help me. I have learnt that I can be successful without having to work harder and harder and harder. I now make conscious decisions about what I want to do and where I want to go with my life. I feel more content and at ease with myself.

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